Quarterly CPR/BLS Classes

Landisburg EMS understands that not everyone belongs to an organization that can offer training, we want to ensure every citizen in our community and surrounding communities to have the same chance to get that lifesaving training. 

We understand the value of having as many trained hands in our community as possible. CPR, especially if administered immediately after cardiac arrest, can double or triple a person’s chance of survival.

Offering Classes in March, June, Sept. and December we request pre-registration for this class so that our organization and our instructors can design and provide the best class possible.

March 11th 2023 (9am-1pm)

June 10th 2023 (9am-1pm)

Sept 9th 2023 (9am-1pm)

December 9th 2023 (9am-1pm)

Sign-Up today to get certified and trained so that when your family is threatened with and emergency, you'll know the step AFTER calling 911.

This is a 4-hour block of instruction that includes classroom time as well as hands on training covering CPR, Drowning, Choking, and Overdose training.

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