Jeremy Fox

Paramedic, EMS Officer, EMS Administrative Officer, PA EMS Educator, and Rescue Medical Practioner.

Chief Fox manages many of the administrative leadership tasks at Landisburg EMS, Inc. A few examples are Budgets, Financial and Operations Reports, leading the Operations Leadership Team, and ensuring Landisburg EMS is operating at peak performance to offer our communities the best care possible.

Why did Chief Fox get into EMS?

I got into EMS by following in my father's footsteps who was an EMT. I was drawn to the opportunity to help folks during their most life alternating moments. Today I stay in EMS to make a difference in the lives of each patient I interact with. I am a self described life long student enjoy studying medical content. I am a passionate EMS educator and enjoy teaching both initial education classes as well as continued education classes. In summary my goal is to ensure each person who dials 911 is provided the highest level of care possible during their moment of need.

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