2024 Memberships

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why have a regional membership program?

We want to ensure a seamless purchase of ambulance memberships, no matter where you live in Western Perry County. This membership covers all residents for both BLS and ALS emergencies, in the following areas: Blain Borough, Landisburg Borough, Jackson Twp, NE Madison Twp, Saville Twp, Spring Twp, SW Madison Twp, Toboyne Twp, and Tyrone Twp.

Who receives the membership money?

The membership funds will go to whichever ambulance service is the primary provider for your area. For example; if you live in Toboyne Twp, your membership funds will go to Blain EMS. (A small portion will be withheld and sent to Community Life Team for ALS coverage.)

When does the membership start and end?

Membership runs from January 1, 2024 through December 31, 2024. All memberships end on December 31, 2024 no matter when the subscriber joined.

*NOTE*: Any memberships received after December 31st, 2023 will be subject to a 30 day processing period.

I am a member, why did I get an invoice?

Even if you are a member, we will still bill all your available insurance. Informational invoices will be sent to you to keep you informed as to the billing process of your claim. Some insurance companies pay money directly to you instead of us; you are then responsible for sending the payment to us.

What if another ambulance company transports me?

When 9-1-1 is called, the dispatchers will send the nearest available unit. Landisburg EMS and Blain EMS have reciprocal agreements with other Perry County BLS companies. If our ambulances are unable to provide emergency service for any reason, and you or your dependents are transported by another Perry County BLS company, your membership will be honored and you won’t be charged.

Will you bill my insurance?

We will bill any primary and secondary insurance coverage that you are enrolled in. You will, however, be required to meet any insurance deductibles that your insurance company requires you to pay. Once these obligations are met, as a member, any balance due will be covered by your membership. Annual insurance deductibles are not covered by your membership.

What does my membership cover?

Your membership will cover any amounts not allowed by your insurance company. Deductibles remain the patient’s responsibility. Your membership DOES NOT include any non-emergency or routine transports. The membership covers up to 3 emergency calls, per patient, per year.

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