Match Madness 2023

Match Madness 2023

The Partnership for Better Health, M&T Bank, Josiah W. and Bessie H. Kline Foundation, and McCormick Family Foundation have a matching gift incentive of $150,000 for the Month of March in an event labeled Match Madness.

Landisburg EMS will receive a portion of that sum based on what we raise! For the Month of March your donation will be MATCHED dollar for Dollar.

As you know Landisburg is a rural non-profit, we need the support of our community, this year our continued project is to raise funds for the replacement of our oldest Ambulance. Our 2002 PL Custom Ambulance has over 241,000 miles on the it and needs updated.

We are asking for your support, no matter what your giving level. Every gift, large or small, will make a difference for Landisburg EMS. Follow the Link below and click on the drop down to find "Landisburg EMS".      

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